The One Thing I Don’t Like About The Creator Studio iPhone App — Mario Leitao

I love using Creator Studio on my computer. I just about use it daily and I was excited to hear about the App, but there is something missing.

Before I get into the app, I use Creator Studio on my computer to post and schedule most of my Facebook and Instagram content. It’s great and convenient to use because I create most of my content on my computer.

sometimes I do create and edit posts on my phone so hearing about the App being available got me a little excited.

I downloaded it, I opened it up and I liked quite a lot of things in the App…

They included the ability to see your insights and to see how well your posts have performed.

I also like that you can access and manage your inbox (messages and comments), but, there is something I don’t like.

There is something missing….

I am disappointed that, of all the things that could be left out of the App, they left out the ability to create and post content from the app.

The App is “Creator Studio”, yet unlike the computer version, you can’t create your posts in the App.

I mean, the only reason I use the desktop version is because I can post and schedule from Creator Studio and this is what I want from the App too.

Is it a feature that they are going to add to the App? I don’t know but I hope so… because if it’s not, the App isn’t going to last very long on my phone.

Originally published at on March 24, 2020.

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